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16 November 2020 - 18 November 2020
Virtual Mission Houston Energy 2.0

Welcome to the event website of the virtual mission between The Netherlands and Houston. We kindly invite you to participate in the webinar sessions and online matchmaking to learn more about the Dutch and American Energy Sector with a focus on Energy 2.0 all while meeting new contacts. If you are requested to contribute to one of our sessions, we thank you in advance for your presentation and ask you to register at our platform as well. 

How it works

Visit the platform’s subpage How it works to read more on how to register and participate in the webinars and the 1:1 matchmaking. 


For planning purposes we do ask to register before November 14th.

Let’s work on sustainable energy together

Houston and Rotterdam, partners for a sustainable future

Port cities Houston and Rotterdam share economic and geographic similarities. Both cities are strategic trade gateways and world leaders in the energy, chemistry, port & logistics and life sciences & health sectors. They have converged innovation and industry, and choose to face modern global challenges. This trade mission aims to connect representatives from the USA and the Netherlands to discuss how both countries can collaborate and tackle societal challenges and secure a sustainable future for all.

Rotterdam Partners and the Greater Houston Partnership will be signing a partnership agreement during this mission, aimed to connect knowledge institutions. It will also provide a network for Dutch and American entrepreneurs, as well as explore new business opportunities.

The challenges of tomorrow

The Netherlands strives to have a 100% climate-neutral energy supply and economy by 2050. To achieve this goal, we want to partner up with energy carriers that can integrate and apply sustainable solar and wind energy. In some cases, this is currently achieved using renewable electricity and heat. However, there are limits to what can be achieved in the Netherlands in terms of technology, systemic costs and space. It is crucial that we introduce green hydrogen as a scalable energy carrier soon to allow us to continue to integrate wind and solar energy into the energy supply.

In a future world with climate neutral energy systems, the Port of Rotterdam wants to be the green hydrogen hub for Northwest Europe. Whether it is for import, production, application or export.

The Netherlands wants to collaborate to pass on a greener planet to the next generation. We can achieve this by working smarter, innovation and become more sustainable.Together we can take advantage of all opportunities technology and digitalisation have to offer.

Throughout the ages, the Dutch have learned how cooperation plays a vital part in tackling issues related to energy, food, water, urbanisation, health, and security. With this experience in mind, we recognise that global challenges need global collaboration.

Teaming up for maximum impact

In the Netherlands, companies, knowledge institutions and government organisations work closely together to develop the technologies and sustainable solutions of the future. We work crosssectors and ‘connect minds’, to find solutions  current and future societal challenges together. The Netherlands acknowledges that cooperation does not stop at the border. As a small country, we are always looking to team up with like-minded partners abroad.

Whether we develop new food solutions, innovative water technology or circular products, the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (SDGs) will always be our departing point. The Netherlands believes that achieving the SDGs is not only good for the planet, but also good for individual countries. Working together on the SDGs can generate trade and investment and attract talent from abroad. We believe that inclusive sustainable solutions should benefit society, protect our planet, generate profit and prosperity, and foster worldwide peace and security.

This mission falls under the overarching Dutch campaign “Moving forwards together”. We believe that by taking action collectively and sharing our experiences, we will become more resilient and united in weathering future challenges. Visit: www.movingforwardstogether.nl.

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